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Saturday, MARCH 2nd 2024, 9:00 am – NOON

Do you know your own unique gifting?  Do you know how to discover and deploy your gifts for the kingdom of God?  Spiritual gifts to the believer are like power tools to the carpenter.  They are given by the Holy Spirit to equip and empower the church for life and ministry.  The church needs great doctrine, but it also needs truth set aflame by the power of the Spirit.  Spiritual gifts can transform abstract theology into life changing impact.  They are the Power of God come to church.


Pastor Jim will lead this Saturday morning class to help us understand the spiritual gifts found in the Bible and how they are to be used today.  This class will also help you to discover and grow in your spiritual gifts.  All are Welcome to attend.



Please complete online or Print and Submit by Wednesday February 28th, 2024,

to Pastor Jim DeMarsh, Milton Bible Church, 121 Chisholm Drive, Milton Ontario L9T4A6.

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