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NOV 18 - 20






The World needs more Leaders, yet far too often people are discounted, or discount themselves from Leadership opportunities.  Moses argued with God that his communication skills were too poor to lead, Gideon told God he was too insignificant for anyone to follow him.  The apostle Paul was initially rejected by many leaders due to his track record of aggression towards the church. 

Today, potential leaders are rejected by some who say they are too young, too old, do not attend church enough or, don’t serve or give enough.  We often feel inadequate, unqualified or that we just don’t have time.


Why Not Me? is a leadership conference for all of us. It’s for people who wish to grow in godly leadership in their homes, churches, workplaces, and neighbourhoods.  Every one of us wants to make an impact on the sphere in which we live. This conference invites you into leadership, equips you with the skills to lead and releases you to become the leader God is calling you to be.


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Our Guest Speaker, Ken Dyck is an Author, Pastor, Leadership Coach and Founder/Executive Director of Freedom Session International Ministries. More importantly, he is authentic and understands the challenges leaders face as they seek to lead themselves and others.

We need more than emotional pep talks and sugar-coated Christian answers. We need honest and practical strategies. Ken brings these to the leadership table.


Ken is the founder of Freedom Session International. FS began as a local church program to help new Christians find freedom in Christ from the pain of their past. Today, thousands of those who complete Freedom Session consistently describe it as the most significant growing experience in their Christian journey.


Until recently Ken has been Executive Pastor of the Village Church in Surrey BC, the largest and fastest growing church in Canadian history. His duties included leadership development and discipleship. Ken is a gifted communicator and loves to give people practical tools for life.


Ken is an avid motorcycle rider and loves living on the west coast of Canada in Delta BC, where his bike is his main transportation 10 months a year. He is married to Bonnie, and they have 3 adult married children and 4 grandchildren.



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Friday November 18th , 2022

6:45 pm  Doors Open & Registration

7:15 pm  Worship Begins

7:45 pm Session 1

8:45 pm Dismissed


Saturday November 19th, 2022

8:45 am  Doors Open – Coffee & Conversations

9:15 am Worship Begins

9:45 am Session 2


10:30 am  BREAK – refreshments served


10:45 am Session 3

12:00 pm Event Ends


Sunday November 20th, 2022

10:00 am  Ken Dyck will be the speaker for Sunday morning at Milton Bible Church

Times Subject to change

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