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Milton Bible Church is a Christ centered family dedicated to impacting Milton, Canada and the nations with the love of the Father in the power of the Holy Spirit. We are on mission together with the Triune God of grace.


Our vision is to be a grace filled family of believers
who through Word & Spirit intend to build:


A People

of Healing

Our desire is to see relationships recovered, broken lives mended, hurting people healed and released into their new identity in Christ.

A People

of Gospel Proclamation

Our desire is to see many saved and added to the church and become passionate followers of Jesus Christ.

A People of Discipleship

Our desire is to see individuals come to full Christian maturity bearing fruit in every good work.

A People

of Leadership


Our desire is to identify spiritual gifts and raise up gifted leaders of all ages who will resource both MBC and the greater kingdom of God.



We hold a high view of the Bible, God’s Word, the teaching and preaching of the scriptures and believe it to have transformational power in lives. It is our final authority for our faith and how we live out our life in Christ.


God’s people, the church, is where God lives by his Holy Spirit. Therefore, the work of the Holy Spirit is vital in us. Not only does He give us new birth as we become Christians, but Jesus wants to fill us with the Holy Spirit. Out of the filling comes gifts that encourage the church, brings power for witness and empowers a victorious Christian life.


We believe that the Triune God of grace has always known community in the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. We are called into that amazing, joyful fellowship through faith in Jesus Christ. So whatever we are doing, we love being together and newcomers are always welcome.


When we gather for corporate worship, we understand that it really is an overflow of what is already inside us. We praise God because of who He is and what He has done. He has saved us, put His Spirit within us, made us His children and promised us glory. We give glory to God in every aspect of our lives including corporate worship.


Ways we show our commitment to the building of Christ’s church is by giving proportionately according to our resources, serving God’s people according to our spiritual gifts & passions, and, participating regularly to encourage and worship.


We believe in blessing our communities, preaching the gospel and bringing healing to brokenness. This was Christ’s mission on earth and it is Christ’s mission through us. We are seeking God to bring a passion for His fame in Milton, in Canada and in the nations. The authentic Christian life will be lived in mission.


We are building a multigenerational, multicultural church where the nations gather. We believe that God has the nations on His heart and the nations have come to Milton. So at MBC we welcome a reflection of the world wide family of God, young and old and the blessing it brings to Christ Church.


We see prayer as vital and fundamental to all we do.


We believe the church is a community of grace led by God’s Spirit. In the church we have an opportunity to live out that grace in our relationships with one another, with God and with our community. Grace is the undeserved favour of God towards us. There is a deposit of divine energy in our lives that has brought us out of spiritual death and continues to manifest the favour of God in us.

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