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The World needs more leaders.

Godly leaders are needed in our homes, churches, workplaces, and communities.

We believe Christian leadership makes a difference, and we want to help you

be all God created you to be.

What is the MBC School of Leadership?

The vision for the MBC School of Leadership is to...

1. Biblically ground those attending in the key tenants of Christian Leadership

2. Instruct and equip disciples of Jesus in the practical skills of leading as a Christ

    follower - in the home, the church, the community, and the marketplace

3. Work with ministries in and outside the church to provide leadership opportunities

    and mentoring in a safe real-time context of Christian ministry

There will be excellent class instruction from people like: Dr. Rick Reed, President of Heritage College & Seminary; Dr. Tim Strickland, Leadership Development Director for FEB Central Churches; Ken Dyck, Founder and Executive Director of Freedom Session International; David Campbell, celebrated Author, and International Speaker; plus many more.

When is this happening?

And how can I join?

This will be a 10 Session training school with classes every second Tuesday evening beginning January 24th, 2023.

It will also include a Saturday morning Spiritual Gifts Discovery class on Saturday February 11th.


All classes will be video recorded.


The Cost of the Leadership School is $ 75.00

(this covers the textbook and course materials)

   7:00 pm  Welcome & Introductions

   7:05 pm  Biblical Studies & Teaching

   7:50 pm  Coffee Break

   8:00 pm  Practical Skills Training

   8:30 pm  Group Discussion Time

   9:00 pm  Wrap it Up!

What will the
evenings entail?


Please select the proper number of tickets for the number of people you are registering for!

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