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What is the MBC School of Leadership?

School of Leadership_Title.png

Topics will include:

The Leader and God’s Word

Discovering & Developing the Leader Within

Mentoring Others to Lead

Christian Leadership in a day of Cultural Confusion

APEST Leadership & Spiritual Gifts

Leading Through Conflict

Leadership in the Home, Church, Marketplace & Community.

The MBC School of Leadership is a 12-week professional learning environment that will help you go deeper into the study of Christian Leadership.  You will gain greater theological understanding of leadership in every facet of life and embrace practical tools for leading.  A special emphasis is placed upon

group learning and growing in a mentoring cohort.

The vision for the MBC School of Leadership is to...

1. Biblically ground those attending in the key tenants of Christian Leadership.

2. Instruct and equip disciples of Jesus in the practical skills of leading as a Christ

    follower - in the home, the church, the community, and the marketplace.

3. Provide leadership opportunities and mentoring in a safe real time context

    of Christian ministry.

When is this happening?

Session 1 - October 24th - December 5th, 2023

Session 2 - January 9th - April 16th, 2024

Graduation Day - Sunday April 21st, 2024


The Cost of the Leadership School is $ 75.00

(this covers the textbook and course materials)

   7:00 pm  Welcome & Introductions

   7:05 pm  Biblical Studies & Teaching

   7:50 pm  Break

   8:00 pm  Practical Skills Training

   8:30 pm  Small Group Discussion

   9:00 pm  Wrap it Up!

Each evening
format is:

All Classes take place “In-Person” at the Connect Centre

Please select the proper number of tickets for the number of people you are registering for!

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